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Hyscas | libPeR

HAUTHyscas: Hybrid Stereoscopic Calibration Software

HySCaS implements the stereoscopic calibration method that estimates simultaneously intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, designed during my PhD thesis. The software was developed with Damien Eynard. Stereo rigs with various camera models are calibrated by this software developed for Windows 7 in C++ with Qt, ViSP and OpenCV libraries.

Initialy available at www.hyscas.com, HySCaS is now directly available here: download HySCaS.

Additional downloads are available below:

technical note
calibration targets
test images

Hyscas is free of use for academic research. If you use Hyscas, please cite the following paper:

Guillaume Caron, Damien Eynard, Multiple Camera Types Simultaneous Stereo Calibration, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA, pp. 2933-2938, Shangai, China, May 2011. PDF

about which you can find more information in the pose estimation and calibration section of the model based-tracking theme.

HAUTlibPeR: Library of the PR group and opensource software

Started in 2017, the library of the Robotic Perception group gathers C++ developments made in research works about modeling sensors, particularly unconventional cameras (paracatadioptric, central panoramic, spherical polydioptric and equirectangular) for the most original, possibly mounted as stereoscopic rig, motion estimation of camera from its images (eg. spherical visual gyroscope), etc.

The content of libPeR is intended to grow but its base have been made open source since 2020: github.com/PerceptionRobotique/libPeR_base.

Integrating this library in its own software allows implementing quickly the projection models of unconventional cameras of which intrinsic and extrinsic parameters are directly output from a calibration with Hyscas or other software involving the same camera models (eg. Christopher Mei's Omnidirectional Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab), whether set in the C++ code or in a xml file to load.

Other opensource software are available from the github.com/PerceptionRobotique space, as rosomni2persp and others to come.